Boulevard vent free fireplace in a penthouse on the water

The traditional gas fired fireplace has been a staple in people's homes for many years, whereby the traditional log set has been the predominant feature. The advent of the contemporary fireplace which highlights a log less flame has become more and more popular not only in a more contemporary setting, but in traditional settings as well by adding a log set option.

The BOULEVARD series is a linear fireplace with clean lines and a horizontal look. It is designed for eye level, and in wall installation. The appeal of the contemporary fireplaces is one where the consumer can add a fireplace to a more modern décor and have it fit in nicely with the room design. Adding the driftwood log set accessory to the vent free Boulevard, offers an even wider appeal and fits nicely in areas by the shore.

It gives the younger, contemporary leaning consumer an additional choice in the fireplace market other than the traditional choices that are available. Oddly enough, although one might think it would be limited to a more urban demographic in cities like New York and Chicago, it has breached those boundaries and has wide appeal in even more traditional suburban areas as well.

The contemporary fireplaces' main feature is a contemporary burner which highlights the dancing flames. There are color liner options available which along with the decorative glass media, will add to the final look that one is trying to create. There are decorative fronts available as well to accentuate the unit if desired with two sizes to choose from, 38 and 48 inches in width. The Boulevard Series is reasonably priced, and therefore offers great value.

It is important to mention that although these fireplaces are very successful based on their decorative appeal, they are also rated as heaters. They offer a most efficient source of supplemental heat for the home as they are 99% efficient, and since they do not require venting they are easy and less expensive to install. Vent free heating is a very popular and constantly growing option for the homeowner to lower their energy bills while at the same time adding value and ambiance to the home.


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