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Inside Salesrep Frank Erickson shows us how to use the RegO LP-Gas Serviceman's Manual to choose the right Line Size for the job.

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Today we’re going to be discussing line sizing.  We’re going to be using our RegO LP-Gas Serviceman’s Manual to figure out the proper line size for the equipment we’ll be installing.  For instance, if were to install an LP range at 65,000 BTU’s with a run of 20 feet we would refer to the Second Stage / Integral Twin Stage Pipe Sizing Chart to determine that for 65,000 BTU’s we would use ½ inch copper at 20 feet that would give us a total of 76,000 BTU’s.  We could use larger than the ½ inch copper, but most of the time we’re going to use close to what we need unless we’re planning on installing other products.

We can also do that if we have a two stage system using a high pressure regulator and a second stage regulator at the house.  To do that we’re going to refer to the First Stage Plastic Tubing Sizing Chart to determine what size line we’re going to use from our first stage regulator to our second stage regulator.  For instance, if the tank was 50 feet away from the house and we had a total BTU load of 300,000 BTU’s we could definitely use the ½ inch CTS plastic tubing.  That would give us 653,000 BTU’s.

We carry different size gas lines such as the 3/4” IPS Poly Pipe, which is the most common for 1st Stage Regulators.  We carry the 1/2” tubing which we would use for our range installation with the tank right by the house and we also have the iron pipes sizes that you’re going to run inside the house for your furnace, your hot water heater, or your dryer.  All these items are available through Tarantin.  You can go on our website and check out any of these products or in our catalog which can be downloaded at Tarantin.com under Resources.  You can also find our RegO LP-Gas Serviceman’s Manual listed under Marketing.


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