10 Things to Remember When Moving an ASME Tank With Fuel

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During the course of the day, servicemen will be out moving and transporting an ASME tank with product in it. Here are some points for the servicemen to remember to avoid an incident.

  1. ASME tanks with water capacities over 125 gallons CANNOT be transported with more than 5% of their water capacity when leaving the shop.
  2. Flammable gas decals MUST be on each side of a 1,000 gallon or less water capacity tank.
  3. Technicians need to make sure that the tank is secure with at least 2 cargo straps and binders.
    1. Additional straps or chains are needed for each 10-foot length for tanks longer than a 1,000-gallon tank.
    2. Ensure that the straps or chains are the correct working load for the tank size being transported.
  4. Transporting tanks with a 1,000-gallon water capacity or larger MUST be labeled or placarded on each side and on both ends of the tank.
  5. Depending on the size of the tank, it must be properly labeled and securely fastened to the vehicle. The vehicle MUST have placards visible on all four sides.

If the ASME tank being transported has more than 5% water capacity be sure to follow these points as well.

  1. Make sure that the ASME code "U" is stamped on the data plate.
  2. You can ONLY transport one tank at a time.
  3. When loading and unloading the tank it must be lifted using slings. DO NOT USE THE LIFTING LUGS.
    1. Be sure that the slings being used are rated so that they will accommodate the tank.
  4. When loading the tank onto the vehicle the tank needs to be supported by a cradle so that the support legs do not carry any weight.
  5. Write down the origin of shipment, including the customer name and address, as well as the destination of shipment including the company bulk plant name.

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