Smart-Hose's Break-Away Coupler vs. Conventional Break-Away

Diagrams of the Smart-Hose break-away coupler and a conventional break-away.

The Smart-Hose Break-Away Coupler is designed for any hazardous transfer application that has a potential for a pull-away incident. Designed with an engineered break-point the Break-away Coupler can protect plant piping, bulkhead piping, tank truck piping and loading arms from the devastating consequences associated with pull-away incidents. The Smart-Hose Break-Away Coupler offers full-flow break-away protection that requires no annual maintenance and is offered at a price point that is significantly less than conventional break-away technology.

Truck pumping propane.

Features and Benefits

Smart-Hose Coupler vs. Conventional Break-Away

Smart-Hose Conventional Break-Away
Full Flow Break-away Creates Flow Restriction
No annual maintenance Requires annual maintenance
Custom design break-points Custom design break-points
Re-buildable Re-buildable
Significant Cost Savings Cost Prohibitive

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