Image of our Quick Reference Guides

If you've been to our Catalog page on our website you've probably noticed we've added Quick Reference Guides. The first 4 of 12 are up now, and we'll be adding new ones throughout the year. Download and print them out to keep in the truck or on your desk so you can quickly find the part, or parts, you need to order to finish the job.

Here's a list of our Quick Reference Guides:

  • Two Stage Regulators - Up Now!
  • Twin Stage Regulators (1/4”) - Up Now!
  • Piping and Tubing - Up Now!
  • Permasert Polyethylene Mechanical Fittings and Risers - Up Now!
  • Twin Stage Regulators (POL)
  • 2 PSIG Regulators
  • ASME Tank Refurb
  • Forklift Cylinder Maintenance
  • Vaporizer Installation
  • Truck Won’t Pump
  • Repair Kits - Service Valves
  • Repair Kits - Multivalves Filler and Vapor Valves

If you stopped by our booth at the NPGA Southeastern Show you probably picked up Guides 1 - 4. We’ll be announcing the new ones as we upload them to the website. In the meantime, check out what we have up there now.



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