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Rick Feiler

Branch Manager
1.800.922.0724 x1300
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Rick Feiler started his career in 1969 driving bobtails and transports. In the mid-70s, Rick transferred into the service department where he performed several jobs including building pump stations, building bulk plants, and doing most of the vehicle fleet maintenance. Rick worked on the outside for about 11 years before accepting the service manager’s position. After a short time, he was promoted to district Manager. After being a District Manager for 4 years, Rick accepted a position with Tarantin Industries.


Areas of Expertise: Corken Pumps/Compressors, RegO LP, Empire Comforts Heaters & Hearth, Regulator Sizing, Gas Pipe Sizing and is well versed in NFPA 54, NFPA 58, Trained as a CETP Instructor.

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