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Many Uses of Propane

image of some of the uses of propane.

When it comes to propane the first, and sometimes only, use most people think of is “barbecue”. However, there are so many uses of propane and considering how much cleaner it is to power with we should really consider using it in other aspects of our daily life. How else can we use propane? Read on!...

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image of a hash tag.

Social Media, what do you know about it? If you’re a teen then, as always, you know everything. However, when you’re a bit older and have a few more grey hairs, tweets are bird noises, and this # was the “number sign.”...

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Vaporizer Maintenance

image of Algas Vaporizers.

There has been a brisk market for vaporizers and large equipment this year, but there has also been some vaporizer maintenance issues as well. Whenever faced with a vaporizer question, I always ask the customer or service tech the same question: When was this unit serviced last...

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Proper Line Sizing

image of a roll of Track Pipe flexible piping.

It is important when installing a gas line that you size it correctly for the application. When sizing gas piping systems certain factors must be considered. Piping must be sized to supply enough gas for all appliances to operate at the same time. To determine this you must add the BTUs of all of the appliances in the system and take into consideration the type of metal the pipe is made from...

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Ford's Propane Powered F-150

image of the Propane Powered Ford F-150 at the Government Fleet Expo.

Have you seen Ford’s 2016 F-150 that has the option of a factory installed gaseous-prep package? It was featured recently at the Government Fleet Expo & Conference in Denver where there was a panel session called “Is Propane Right for Your Fleet?” This panel was headed by three fleet managers who spoke about how they added AutoGas vehicles into their existing fleets and what it’s done for their company...

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