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Putting a Face-Lift on Yor Company

image of a coiled track pipe.

Take the time this summer to replace all the worn out signs on your trucks and bulk plants. With just a little time and money you can give your company a much needed face lift. Companies spend money on billboards all over town to advertise their services without realizing that they have a rolling billboard right in their parking lot...

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Are We Seeing a New Revolution in Alternative Fuels?

image of Innsbrook Direct Vent Fireplace in a room setting.

As Americans continue to embrace the idea of alternative fuels there is one fuel that, even though it’s not topping the headlines, is slowly becoming the alternative fuel of choice. That fuel is propane...

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A Green Shop is a Clean Shop

image of an ugly store front.

We all know the place. A local business that offers a needed item at a convenient location, yet every time you visit something seems amiss. It could be defunct lighting, weeds in the parking lot, dusty and disorganized product offerings; could this be why they are only surviving, instead of thriving...

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Is Your Company's Reputation Important?

image of the word image being built.

With today’s media savvy consumers both good and bad reviews can be posted in many more places than ever before. The Better Business Bureau used to be the single most important place for consumers to voice their opinions, but now with sites like Yelp and Google, business owners need to be more diligent in handling the reviews of their businesses...

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Mobile Home Appliances

image of a Mobile Home.

Mobile homes (manufactured housing) appliances are different from regular home appliances because mobile home appliances, such as a furnace, gas range, or water heater, have to convert the gas type from L.P. Gas to Natural or Natural to L.P. Gas. It’s important to make sure that the appliance being installed states that it is for mobile home use before starting the installation process...

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