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Mobile Home Appliances

image of a Mobile Home.

Mobile homes (manufactured housing) appliances are different from regular home appliances because mobile home appliances, such as a furnace, gas range, or water heater, have to convert the gas type from L.P. Gas to Natural or Natural to L.P. Gas. It’s important to make sure that the appliance being installed states that it is for mobile home use before starting the installation process...

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TracPipe: The Better Option

image of a coiled track pipe.

According to National Association of State Fire Marshals, CSST or TracPipe was developed in Japan in the 1980’s due to the large number of earthquakes. shut off valve set upBefore and during the 1980’s, black iron pipe was being used and would easily break during an earthquake causing gas leaks that would ignite fires creating further destruction...

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New Rule for Direct Vent Fireplace Safety

image of Innsbrook Direct Vent Fireplace in a room setting.

Gas fireplaces can be the focal point of any room. They are an efficient way to take the chill off of a room on a cool fall night or keep everyone warm on a blistery winter’s eve. With countless types and styles, there is unquestionably one that is aesthetically pleasing for your house...

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2 PSI Gas Systems

image of a RegO Regulator.

Every year 2 PSI gas systems become more and more popular. I have seen an increase in 2 PSI regulators sales over the past four years and I believe that this is due to the additional BTU loads that are the result of more people converting from a Conventional Tank water heater to a Tankless water heater...

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Customer Appreciation
Ways to Thank Your Customer

image of the phrase Thank You in several languages.

While “Thanks” has a nice ring to it, words alone do not carry the gravity of one’s actions. Every attempt at customer appreciation must be relevant and personalized, noticeable and sincere. In today’s propane market place the growth potential of new business is slower than days of yesteryear...

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