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EZTC206 ASME Tank Dolly

image of the EZTC206 ASME Tank Dolly.

Current vehicles and support equipment need to be lighter, compact and more efficient. The EZTC206 ASME Tank Dolly provides a safe and efficient platform from which to deliver any size residential propane storage tank...

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The "Perfection" of Underground Piping

image of Permasert Mechanical Couplings.

There are many ways to run gas lines, whether it’s outside the home or inside. Today we are going to narrow it down and discuss piping outside the home. For years and years, there have been theories on what is the best and most cost effective way to run pipe. Hopefully today we can narrow that list down further to just one way, “Perfection”...

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Fire Extinguisher
Yesterday to Today

image of an antique fire extinguisher.

The first recorded fire extinguisher was in London in the 18th century. According to the encyclopedia these were constructed out of barrel shaped vessels that were filled with a liquid solution. Inside the liquid solution was a pewter chamber filled with gunpowder...

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Bobtail Propane Delivery
Truck Maintenance

image of a bobtail truck.

We all put our Bobtail Delivery Trucks through the paces. Between driving them on all sorts of unpaved, or barely paved, terrain and in all types of weather it’s no surprise that they need regular maintenance. Follow this Bobtail Propane Delivery Truck Maintenance schedule to keep your Bobtail running all year round...

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Crane Operators Must Be Trained and Certified

image of two boom trucks.

In 2000, an already existing federal law, Code of Federal Regulations, Title 29CFR, part 1926, subpart cc, adopted by OSHA, (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), was revised. This law identifies equipment commonly used in the LP Gas industry, such as small truck mounted cranes, (also known as boom trucks)...

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