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    Increase Your Gallons With AutoGas

    Various pump stations and a school bus.

    Are you looking for a way to expand your gallons sold? I mean, any business wants to increase its profits, so why not increase it through a second avenue, and that second avenue is providing fuel for a pump station that you installed. Yes, it is time to approach your local school district about beginning the conversion of their school bus fleet from diesel to propane AutoGas. Here's how you sell them on the idea of propane as a transportation fuel.

    Reduced Fuel Costs: They're going to save money! Who doesn't want to save money? One of the most compelling reasons to transition to a propane AutoGas bus fleet is the substantial savings on fuel costs. Propane AutoGas is consistently priced lower than diesel or gasoline, offering immediate cost savings. Moreover, propane AutoGas engines tend to be more fuel-efficient, further stretching each gallon of fuel and reducing overall fuel expenses over time.

    Lower Maintenance Expenses: This too comes under the "saving money" umbrella. Propane AutoGas engines are known for their cleaner combustion, resulting in reduced wear and tear on engine components. As a result, maintenance costs for propane-powered school buses are typically lower compared to their diesel counterparts. With fewer oil changes, less frequent engine maintenance, and longer engine life expectancy, your school district can enjoy considerable savings on maintenance and repair expenses.

    Government Incentives and Grants: Transitioning to a propane AutoGas bus fleet can also open doors to various government incentives and grants designed to promote clean energy initiatives. These incentives may include rebates, tax credits, or funding opportunities aimed at offsetting the upfront costs associated with purchasing propane-powered buses. Leveraging these incentives can significantly lower the initial investment required for transitioning to propane AutoGas, making it a financially attractive option for school districts. Research these grants and incentives before talking to your local school district. It could mean the difference between a yes or no.

    Long-Term Cost Stability: Unlike conventional fuels, which are subject to price fluctuations influenced by global markets and geopolitical factors, propane AutoGas offers price stability. With a reliable and consistent pricing structure, school districts can better forecast fuel expenses and allocate budgets more effectively, reducing the financial uncertainty associated with volatile fuel markets.

    Safety First: Safety is paramount, especially when it comes to transportation fuels. Propane AutoGas boasts an impressive safety record, thanks to its unique properties. Unlike liquid fuels that can spill, pool, or leave behind residue, propane AutoGas remains in its gaseous state at normal atmospheric temperature and pressure. This means there's minimal risk of spills or leaks, making it a safer option for both operators and the environment.

    From lower fuel and maintenance costs to access to government incentives and grants, the financial benefits are clear for any school district, but it's also a financial benefit for you. After installing a pump station you will also be the company that provides the fuel for that pump station meaning more dollars coming in every month. It's a win-win solution for school districts looking to save money while earning you more profits. The time to start is now.

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