Inside Tarantin Warehouses

Who We Are

We're a family-owned company with a long, dedicated history of providing quality products from brand names you trust like RegO, Corken, Smith Pumps, TracPipe, PrestoTap and many more.

Since our humble beginning in 1983 we have built our foundation by focusing all of our efforts on our customers.

We Know The Propane Industry

Our team of highly qualified sales associates came to us as field-trained technical specialists. Their background allows Tarantin Industries to stand ready to assist you in selecting the best products and services to get the job done and grow your business.

We also provide training on the items we sell as well as code updates at each of our facilities. Our knowledgeable sales associates run these classes, but we will also bring in outside professionals to co-train the class as well.

We're All Over the East Coast

Our six distribution facilities have been strategically placed along the east coast from Maine to Florida. This enables us to deliver product and equipment to your office the next day so you can keep your business running smoothly.

We Innovate So Your Work Day Runs Smoother

We aggressively invest in technology and efficiencies to capitalize on the strengths of our logistically positioned distribution centers.

  • Our App: You and your employees can now order the parts you need from the field, from your office, (from your parking lot!) so we get delivery going as soon as possible.
  • Suspended Orders: When you field tech uses a part he can easily add a replacement to your cart where it will wait for your ok to process. In fact, anyone in your office can now order parts with this function, but you’ll still have the final say on whether that part or parts should be ordered.
  • Past Purchases: You order the same parts month after month so we put them all on one page to make them easy to re-order. Just one click and the part is added to your cart.

We're Here For You

Through all of our initiatives, we remain laser-focused on our customers. We are proud of our employees and vendors who share this vision - to provide the very highest level of service and dependability our industry has to offer.

We thank you for your business and support.