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    Increase Your Gallons With AutoGas

    Mar 21

    Are you looking for a way to expand your gallons sold? I...

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    Unveiling the Excellence: Manchester Portable DOT Vertical Steel Cylinders

    Jan 4

    In the world of industrial and commercial applications,...

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    Embrace the Warmth of a Sunstar Infrared Patio Heater

    Dec 5

    As the chill of winter sets in, outdoor enthusiasts and...

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    Efficient and Dependable: L.B. White Workman and Norseman Convection Heaters

    Oct 31


    When it comes to heating solutions for...

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    Enhancing Vapor and Liquid Withdrawal Services for ASME and DOT Fuel Line Containers

    Oct 9

    When it comes to handling volatile substances like...

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    Halo Product Collection

    Jun 14

    We're carrying the Halo Collection!

    Available in CT, DE,...

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    Aluminum Forklift Cylinder

    Apr 13

    DOT 4E Approved

    The use of propane-powered forklifts...

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    We're Turning 40

    Dec 5

    Tarantin Industries is honored to announce our 40th year...

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    Southeast Show 2022

    Apr 5


    We have a new booth! Come check it...

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