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    Customer Appreciation: Ways to Thank Your Customers

    Image of the phrase Thank You in several languages.

    While "Thanks" has a nice ring to it, words alone do not carry the gravity of one’s actions. Every attempt at customer appreciation must be relevant and personalized, noticeable and sincere. In today’s propane market place the growth potential of new business is slower than days of yesteryear.  Now more than ever we need to keep and maintain our current customer base, and since a happy customer is much harder for your competitor to take, showing gratitude to your customers will leave them with a warm feeling toward your company.

    These simple ideas will ensure your show of gratitude hits home with customers:

    1. Write a Note
    Go Old School and handwrite a note to thank your customers. These days it is rarely used (can you remember the last time you received a handwritten thank you card? Probably not), so it is sure to stand out.  Trust that the time this takes is well worth it because you will probably make someone’s day, and they won’t forget you or your business.

    2. Teach Customers Something New
    Hold an event where you bring in experts to discuss propane-powered hearth, grills, or appliances.  Maybe your propane supplier can come in to discuss how propane works. The more educated your customers become, the more they will appreciate all you do and the industry you are in.

    3. Spend Quality Time Together.
    Look there is no need to break the bank with expensive gifts to thank a customer, maybe your time is more valuable to them. Schedule lunch at your customer’s office, order food, and then sit and listen.  Go out of your way to meet their people who are on the front lines and hear about what they do every day.  This could be a critical learning experience for your business.  Knowing your customer’s pain points can help you improve your products or service.

    4. Spotlight Customers
    Let them know how much they mean to you by featuring a good customer on your company website.  This makes your customers feel valued and gives them a sense of pride in doing business with you.

    5. Send a Treat
    Cookies are a winning Idea and liked by most.  However, if you have a customer who is a fitness guru send them a healthy fruit basket instead. Gift cards for Starbucks or a Home Improvement Retailer are a treat, or if reading is your customer’s thing then a gift card from Barnes & Noble would be a great way of saying you know your customer.  It’s a great way of thanking them.

    6. Send Holiday and Special Day Cards.
    This can include a customer’s Anniversary with a loved one or with your company, Birthday cards, and Holiday cards.  Let them know they are much more than a customer to you.

    7. Discount their Bill, Just Because
    Send word to a customer that you have taken $50 off their winter balance as a way of showing appreciation for their loyalty and continued service, or take an additional 10% off your customer’s purchase at the point of sale just to say “Thanks” for their business.

    8. Corporate Gifts
    Everyone likes to get a gift. Why not surprise your customer with a nice corporate gift? Whenever they look at your gift they'll think of your company. Can't ask for a better advertisement than that.

    Of course, the best way to retain customers is to employ people with a friendly personality.  Nothing says “Thank you for your business” more than a friendly, well-informed service representative.  Excel at customer service daily and you’ll find it easy to retain your customers.


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