Autoas Dispenser

There has been a lot of activity in 2014 with Autogas. School buses, Police cruisers, county vehicles all seeing the benefits of propane. Along with the current activity comes the much needed specialized filling dispensers.

Propane dispensers for autogas now offer many features to accommodate fleet managers, card readers, Wi-Fi connections, custom software, and more. These features have been proven to work very well and leave a professional impression with the LP Gas dealer’s customer. But not all components of the Lp Gas dispenser leave positive impressions. Nothing aggravates the customer more than not being able to fill the motor fuel tank to its capacity. Or at all.

With the development of highly advanced carburetion equipment comes needed changes to LP gas dispensers. The usual 20lb tank dispenser has trouble filling these new systems and can be a real deal breaker. What’s going on is this; the new Roush systems are liquid injection so there is a need to have constant liquid available to those injectors in the engine. In order to accomplish this, the manufacture has installed a pump in the tank. This works very well in North Dakota in the winter when temperatures can produce low pressures in the tank and need assistance getting liquid to the engine on a constant basis, but let’s move to South Florida in the summer. This pump operation creates heat in the tank that now produces extremely high pressures, not to mention the black pavement also reflects additional heat on the tank. This additional heat applied to the gas and tank, requires a high differential pump to overcome these higher pressures in order to fill. Your standard bottle filling dispenser is not designed to create this much differential pressure thus not being able to fill or fill to capacity.

Corken pumps for autogas

Corken has developed two High differential Autogas pumps designed to handle the warm weather pressures that we have in all areas of the United States. Even North Dakota has hot summer days.

Are you ready and able to have your dispensers fill these new Autogas systems.

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