Converted gas powered lawn equipment is obsolete when compared to an alternative fuel such as propane.

First of all, propane offers lower operating costs at approximately 30% lower than conventional gasoline. The average commercial lawn service will need to change the oil on their gasoline powered equipment once each month if operating a mower 4-5 days per week. Propane, on the other hand, an oil change is only needed once every three months. Propane users change their oil about 3 times less than gasoline users. This not only saves the environment (less oil to be disposed of) but it also saves you on the cost of labor, the filter, and the oil itself.

Propane Mower

Using propane also eliminates the possibility of fuel theft when compared to conventional gasoline. By switching to propane you can also prevent spills and leakage. Also, it eliminates time spent at gasoline pumps which in turn increases the amount of time an employee can be productive. For example, each member in a crew of four is paid $10 per hour and spends 15 minutes fueling up at a pump. That 15 minutes costs $10 each day. If that crew fuels up each day for four days, the total monetary loss is $40 each week. In a month that becomes $160. Propane engines take less time to fuel up. Having a manager or owner of the small company in my previous example fuel the company truck with propane will save them quite a bit of cash and time.

Propane Cylinders

For help converting to propane, check with your state agency for a program called, “Commercial Mower Purchase/Placement Data Collections Program” or contact PERC. An even better option is to contact your Tarantin Industries Sales Representative to assist you.

Go the whole nine yards, get green, and get a propane powered vehicle to haul all of your equipment.