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For years, all gas fired appliances were based on the Standing Pilot or SPP system in order to get fired up. It was a tried and true system. Basically, it kept the pilot light running at all times. You used to have to extinguish the pilot if you smelled gas. The pilot was left lit at all times because then whenever you needed that appliance, the pilot would light the burner. A valve would open and then the log set, fireplace, or cast iron stove would be up and running.

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Part of what made this system so great was that it required no electricity. The power could go out and the pilot would remain lit. This allowed you to use your gas appliances regardless of your power situation. So, during a power outage the hearth unit or heater could still provide heat. However, the SPP system was constantly consuming fuel just to keep the pilot running. Even while your appliance was switched off you’d be using up your fuel.

A few years ago a new system was introduced. In the spirit of higher efficiency standards Intermittent Pilot Systems (IPS) were created. An IPS has a pilot that isn’t always on. The user hits a button that ignites the pilot which in turn ignites the main burner. This way, the gas appliance using the IPS doesn’t consume fuel when not in use.

Pilot Light

This new system wasn’t without its obstacles though. This new system is dependant on electricity now which means that if the power goes out, so does your pilot. This renders the appliance useless. This obstacle was easily circumvented with the inclusion of a battery/battery pack that could act as a backup during a power outage. With backups an IPS system can light even during a blackout.

Intermittent Pilot Systems are becoming more and more popular as consumers gain more awareness of them. Consumers are already becoming savvy to fuel efficiency and how to reduce waste. Each day more gas fired hearth product dealers embrace this change over as well.

For anyone that wants to save energy, Intermittent Pilot Systems are the way to go.