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    Tankless Water Heaters Are Just Common Sense

    We Americans are known for being different. We live in larger homes, shop for groceries once a week, drive a long way to work, over-sized kitchens, and are also known to be wasteful. Although the positives are certainly greater than the negatives when describing our American lifestyle.

    We’re changing those negatives – we’re now making coffee one cup at a time instead of a whole pot that may get wasted. We American’s are adopting some of the traits that make sense from of other societies around the world.

    Granted were not ready to convert to the metric system yet, but we are changing.

    Look at water heating for the home. Most people around the world heat their hot water needs as they need it. We Americans have in the past, and still, the majority of the time, heat our water just for it to sit in a tank and wait until we're ready to use it. Sound wasteful? It is.

    In the late seventies, a water heater that only heats as much water that we need when we need it was introduced to the U.S. Market. The water heaters were branded as “Paloma” and “Thermar” and had some functioning problems with adaptation to our water piping and equipment. It didn’t take on really well in America since the water systems in homes were not designed for this type of water heater. But these new water heaters did expose Americans to a brand new type of water heater – one that functions to fit your needs without being wasteful. But America wasn’t ready for this change yet. So, the foreign manufacturers of this on-demand water heater went away – back to their homeland, back to the drawing board. Well, 15 years later here they come again. Introducing a much improved on-demand water heater. During those 15 years, they also perfected their heaters for the rest of the world and their piping systems. The largest and most advanced manufacturer was and, today is a company from Japan called “Noritz.”

    Since then, Noritz has become the world leader in water heaters. They’re brought back their water heaters and their marketing team to help expose the American market to these new, more efficient water heaters. They did it right this time – making sizes and types that fit perfectly with our “American” water systems and commercial applications. They set-up distributors in the Gas and Plumbing markets, produced niche brochures, educational seminars, and websites. These efforts are getting good results.

    We, as Americans, have begun to realize that it makes no sense to heat water all-day – whether we’re at work or all night as we sleep. Yes, they are more expensive than traditional 40-gallon water heaters but they also save approximately 45% off those traditional water heating bills and offer hot water continuously for as long as you need it.

    There is no doubt that saving energy costs more. That Keruig coffee maker is a lot more expensive than the “Mr. Coffee” at Wal-Mart. The new electric cars are a lot more than traditional gasoline cars. That’s the way it is. But Noritz is doing something about that. Recently, Noritz introduced water heaters that can be vented using very inexpensive PVC piping that can be bought at any hardware store. Previously, you had to vent a Noritz with a Class Three vent pipe which is made of stainless steel, making it costly. Noritz is working every day to reduce the unit cost to Americans with the ultimate goal of making it more affordable. This way it will be easy to make a wise choice and install a gas on-demand Noritz water heater.

    Ask for a brochure from your Tarantin representative. Read it and request a presentation by one of our experts at Tarantin Industries. It’s just common sense.

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