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It is always a good idea to have a backup plan, especially when it comes to heat and keeping warm during power outages and storms. Thankfully there are economical options when looking for emergency heat in these situations.

Mr. Heater Cabinet Heater

Enerco Mr Heater offers a line of economical heaters that will keep you warm in pinch. These heaters come in a range of styles, are easy to carry and don’t take up much room. For example, the Mr. Heater Cabinet unit (pictured on left) offers up to 18K BTU’s of heat, operates off of a 20 lbs. propane tank, and has caster wheels so it will move easily. This type of heater uses radiant heat to heat an area. This type of heat is a favorite because you instantly feel the warmth from the unit.

Mr. Heater Buddy Heater

For even more portability Enerco also offers the Mr. Buddy line of heaters (pictured on right). These units range in size from 3K – 18K BTU units. Mr. Buddy heaters operate off of the small lightweight 1 lb. cylinders. This type of portability allows you to keep warm for hours and pick up and move quickly if needed.

Tank Top Heater

Enerco also offers a line of small tank top heaters (pictured on left) to help warm cold areas. The tank top heaters are offered in a range of 15K – 45K BTU’s. The heaters are the perfect solution for heating up camp sites, small job sites, and outdoor temp heat situations. These units do not require electricity and can operate off of a 20 lbs. propane cylinder. The tank top heaters also use a radiant heat which gets to maximum temperature within seconds offering a quick and easy way to get heat to a cold area. These units are economical and easily store when not in use. You should definitely keep these small heaters in mind as a quick and easy emergency heat backup to help out during power outages and storms.


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