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As fuel prices began to climb so did the importance of fuel efficiency. In the late 70s through the mid to late 90s propane costs were anywhere from 65¢/gallon - $1.10/gallon so efficiency wasn’t really an issue. With fuel prices being so inexpensive, one could just buy more gas. However, as fuel prices rose so did the need for fuel efficiency.

UltraSaver in room

According to the Department of Energy Resources, in October 2000, the average price per gallon of propane was a measly $1.45. At the end of a normal 24 week heating season the price rose only 0.017¢. However, in October of 2012 fuel prices were climbing higher faster. During that time, the average cost per gallon was $2.95 and at the end of the heating season the price rose 18¢ bringing it to $3.13/gallon. With fuel prices soaring to new heights, customers were forced to look for more efficient ways of heating their homes.

US90 being used

One answer for consumers is the UltraSaver 90 Plus. This unit utilizes 90% of its energy to heat a home and only a minimal 10% heat loss up the chimney. This high rate of energy efficiency can help consumers save money on rising fuel costs. There are two sizes of the UltraSaver 90 Plus to choose from. The 35,000 Btu space heater will heat an area of 725 to 1400 square feet. This model also comes with the option of reducing its Btu output to 17,500. For smaller areas consumers can choose the second and smaller option, the 17,500 Btu model. This model will accommodate an area of 500 to 790 square feet and can reduce its Btu output to 8,750.

US90 inside view

The high fuel efficiency of the UltraSaver 90 Plus is achieved through a 2-stage heat exchanger system which creates a lower exhaust temperature. This allows for venting the heater with a 2 inch PVC pipe. Due to the higher efficiency, this unit produces exhaust by condensation which can be routed to a floor drain or an external condensate pump can be used (PVSEP1). Another unique feature is the humidification tray which allows the condensate to evaporate and adds humidity back into the room.

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