It seems like winter will never end. Don’t you hate being driven from your workshop because of winter’s icy breath? Aren’t you sick of not being able to work on your vehicles because the garage is too cold? Wouldn’t you enjoy parking your car in a warm garage? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it may be time to knock out old man winter.

Heat your workshop and/or garage with the Hot Dawg Heater from Modine. The Hot Dawg is one of the most popular gas fired unit available. The Hot Dawg comes in 6 sizes ranging from 30,000 BTUs to 125,000 BTUs making is a perfect fit for whatever size garage or workshop you may have.

Hot Dawg Logo

The Hot Dawg is available in power-exhausted or separated-combustion. The standard power-exhaust simply vents through the side wall or roof with a small diameter vent pipe. The separate-combustion draws its air from the outside ensuring fresh clean air to breathe as well as reducing concerns about dirty, dusty, or humid concerns. Another great feature for the 30,000 BTU to 75,000 BTU model is that by simply flipping the unit over it can be right or left handed access for gas, electric, and venting.

If you’re thinking that you don’t want to take up valuable floor space with a heater, don’t worry. The Hot Dawg’s low profile design means it can be attached to the ceiling. It’s lightweight and easy to install tucked away in the corner but its low clearance means that it can be installed in the middle of your ceiling and you still won’t bump your head. If your work space has especially low ceilings, the Hot Dawg comes with an optional finger-proof fan to guard against accidents.

The Hot Dawg doesn’t even have a traditional open pilot. Instead it has a single stage electronic pilotless ignition with 100% shutoff with a continuous retry. Gas is lit with an electronic igniter when the user calls for heat. The pilot doesn’t have to stay on in order for the heater to work.

Hot Dawg Installed

Safety is not an issue when using the Hot Dawg. It comes equipped with several safety features such as a limit control switch, a flame rollout switch, and a pressure switch. The limit control switch will shut off the gas to the heater if the temperature exceeds a certain threshold. The flame rollout switch will shut off the gas to the heater if any flames are produced. The pressure switch will shut off the gas to the heater if there is a problem with the venting system. These three features make the Hot Dawg a great choice for a safety conscious heater.

Don’t allow the cold winter force you to work in unbearable temperatures. Heat your work space with a Hot Dawg heater from Modine. Put some warmth back into your winter. We at Tarantin would be happy to help you find a way to heat your space.