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Over the past few years temperatures have steadily increased while at the same time all types of construction have been on the decline. These factors contributed to narrower use of temporary heaters. However, if this past winter has been any indication, we’re in for more cold winters. The rise of cold temperatures along with renewed life in the housing and construction markets mean one thing, temporary heaters will be on the rise.

Temporary Heaters

Temporary heaters are useful whether you’re a small builder doing houses or a big company building large office buildings. Temporary heaters shouldn’t be overlooked as they can be important to a job’s completion. They can keep materials dry and workers motivated and working hard toward their completion dates.

Temporary heating is available in different heaters and applications. There are small fan type units as well as larger commercial units that can blow over 1,000,000 BTUs of heat. Drywallers and carpenters typically use the open flame “trash can” style heater. These heaters are fast and are usually placed in a basement of bottom floor as they will raise temperatures throughout the structure. Use with a 100 pound cylinder makes these heaters portable as well.

Trash Can Temporary Heaters

The larger heaters need more fuel and are used with bulk storage cylinders from 100 gallons up to several thousand gallon cylinders. In order to compensate for temperature and vaporization rates, these units are usually tied in together. It’s in your best interest to buy your own equipment but there is the opportunity to rent heaters and tanks to customers for bigger profits. This becomes complicated with larger commercial heating. Not only is everything bigger but you have safety and OSHA to consider. Codes need to be met and tanks and hoses need to be properly protected.

As you can see, temporary heating can not only heat your space but it can help get money in your pocket. It’s getting to the time when jobs are being considered and bid for so get your heaters ready. Don’t be left out in the cold and miss out on another heating season in the ever changing construction market. Remember, one or two jobs can make a difference.

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