The Second Sun SS-30 Tank Heater, manufactured by Algas-SDI, is a safe and flameless tank heater that can add up to 2.2 million additional BTUs of output to a propane tank of 1,000 to 12,000 gallons. This unit doesn’t require a liquid line either. Unlike a standard vaporizer, it simply straps to a tank and is fed vapor from the service valve through the included regulator for operation.

Second Sun SS

The heater uses a negative feedback loop in order to remain in operation only when it’s needed by the tank. A separate high pressure vapor line is also attached to the heater which senses tank pressure and turns the main heater on at 50 PSI and off at 60 PSI leaving the pilot on. In the event the heater senses 160 PSI, it will completely shut off to prevent over pressuring the container.

It also has a similar mechanism for temperature control. While vapor is being withdrawn from the tank, the liquid boils. If the upper sensor doesn’t sense the cooling of the tank it will put the heater in the ‘pilot’ mode. If the lower temperature sensor doesn’t sense cooling (liquid level below the sensor), the heater will completely shut off and require a manual restart.


Besides the lack of a liquid line, the Second Sun doesn’t require AC power. In order to initiate the unit, you must attach the included cables to your service truck battery. Once the heater is producing approximately 100 millivolts, the safety gas valve will stay open and keep the pilot or ‘standby’ portion of the heater on.

The Second Sun SS-30 Tank Heater is available in 10,000 BTUs and 30,000 BTUs and are ideal for construction projects, restaurants, hotels, small factories, agricultural applications, or anything that has a relatively high demand and has limited space for a tank farm. It’s recommended that these heaters be used on single tank installations so that there isn’t an equalizing issue.

Given the cold and snowy ‘winter’ that we’re still recovering from, I know that there are a lot of consumers that could have used way more vaporization to sustain their high demand. Your delivery drivers won’t need to keep the storage above 50%. Also, they won’t need to brush the tank off to find the filler valve because the tank will remain snow and ice free.

The Second Sun SS-30 Tank Heater is safe, simple to install and remove, saves time and money when compared to manifolding and installing multiple tanks, and have been installed and tested in the harshest of environments.

For more information about these innovative heaters, please feel free to contact your friendly and knowledgeable Tarantin Industries representatives.