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    Which Heater is Right For You?

    As we approach the fall season, here at Tarantin Industries, we have a lot of different options on heaters based on your needs.  I'm going to explain some of them to you today. Image of three heaters

    First, we have a space heater that's available in a blue flame or a radiant version.  It can go free-standing or you can mount it up on the wall.  It's available in a lot of different sizes.  It's great for basements, dens, garages, or possibly a man-cave.

    Second, we have the salamander heater.  It's a forced hot air heater.  It's great for construction sites or new home developments.  What it's going to do is it's going to heat up really quickly, take the chill off, and heat up in the direction that it's pointing in.

    Third, we have a convection heater.  This is also, great for new home developments or construction sites.  What this one is going to do is heat up an area over time, taking the chill off nicely.  If everybody is standing around it, you'll get nice and warm pretty quickly.

    Along with our new Full Line Tarantin Catalog, we also have our new Heater and Hearth Catalog for 2015.  It contains a lot of different options, more than what we spoke about today.  Based on your heating needs, we will be able to get it for you.

    See our Line of Heaters and Construction Heaters


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