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The winter season is fast approaching. So, it’s time to examine what is available to not only provide heat but also to decorate the home. The options available for a heater or hearth product to satisfy these needs range from vent-free and direct vent hearth products to state-of-the-art high efficiency heaters. Which one best suits your needs?


Space Heating

Space heating is designed to provide heat in a specific area whereby the homeowner can turn down the whole house thermostat and keep warm and cozy in a specific living area. It’s a great way to save energy and keep warm at the same time. Another advantage of many of these products is that they operate without electricity…. So if there is a power outage, you will still be able to have a heat source.


Gas Heaters & Hearth

Another advantage to gas space heaters and hearth is that now one can provide heat without having to cut and store wood for a traditional fireplace. Gas products are clean burning when compared to burning wood. From a decorative point of view, the hearth products offer a realistic burn that creates the ambiance of a hearth without all of the hassle.


Vent-Free Heater & Hearth

Vent-free hearth and heater products provide excellent efficiency whereby over 99% of the energy used is converted to heat. The hearth products available include log sets and inserts which can be inserted into existing fireplaces complete hearth systems with mantels and decorative doors and accessories and cast iron stoves which come in decorative colors with accent tile options. They are easy to install as there is no venting required, which is also very cost efficient in terms of installation.


Direct-Vent Heaters & Hearth

The direct vent hearth and heater category offers the same range of features and products and offers an alternative to vent free products depending on the homeowners’ preference. The efficiencies on direct vent products are in the 70 to 80 % range, and also allow the homeowner to heat the space they are occupying while turning down the whole house thermostat.


The New Ultrasaver 90

High Efficient Direct Vent Heating is becoming more and more popular as it offers a vented product with very high efficiency. The US 90 heater frUS90_Sweepom Empire is a state of the art unit that is over 90 percent efficient and uses PVC pipe for venting. It offers an option for a more difficult venting application. It can be vented up to 50 feet with 3 elbows as either a single vent or dual (direct vent) application. The single vent uses inside air for combustion and the direct vent application uses outside air for combustion. The 90+ efficiency makes it the most efficient direct vent heater on the market today and surpasses any competitive power vented heater available. Another feature is the fact it is vented with 2 inch PVC pipe. This is a major cost savings on the total project from purchase to installation. Imagine not having to use stainless steel venting and the cost it incurs when venting a direct vent heater. The US 90 is made in the USA and offers a power humidifier accessory which releases humid air into the room which is welcome during the dry winter season.

As you can gather there are many wonderful options to choose from. Tarantin carries the complete line of Empire Comfort Systems hearth and heater products. Contact us for brochures and any additional information.