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Corken Bypass Valve

Proper installation of the CORKEN B166 external bypass valve ensures optimum performance of the pump and external bypass valve. This bypass valve is a dual purpose, automatic priming and differential valve designed for high-pressure volatile liquid service. It is also capable of working in conjunction with CORKEN's Coro-Flo® regenerative turbine pumps but may be used with centrifugal pumps and others as well.

To ensure optimum performance of the external bypass valve and the entire pumping system, follow the instructions below.

Initial setting for the Corken B166 external bypass valve on a typical installation:

  1. Check to insure bypass valve is installed in the proper location within the pumps discharge line.
  2. Open all valves. Start with bypass & meter vapor return lines (if meter is used) to pressurize the pump prior to opening the liquid supply line.
  3. Loosen adjustment screw Counter Clockwise on the top of the B166 Corken Bypass with a wrench until it turns freely by hand and not putting any pressure on the spring. But do not remove it completely.
  4. Record your tank pressure with pump OFF.
  5. Turn on pump and let run for a minute. Record the system Differential Pressure at the pump gauge while it is running and recirculating full pump capacity thru the bypass line. You may also attach the discharge hose initially to the tanks fill valve to recirculate the gas insuring full liquid flow thru the piping system.
  6. Start turning the bypass set screw Clockwise until the pumps Differential Pressure is between 65 – 80 psid (higher end for motorfuel tanks & lower end for standard cylinder filling). Once set be sure to tighten locknut to hold the set screw at that setting.
  7. After setting the pump Differential pressure be sure to do an amperage test on the incoming electrical wires for the motor to insure it does not exceed the FLA (full amperage load) as indicated on the motors data plate. If the amperage/voltage are higher than indicated you will have to check the actual wire sizes and distances from the motor to the electrical service connection.
  8. Do Not exceed the maximum design pressure of the pump in your system. Corken C, F, DS, & DL models have a max. of 125 psi. Other pumps have different maximum differential pressure ratings so be sure to know the pump you are working with.

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