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This past winter was particularly drawn out. After such a long winter a lot of the bulk storage plants will need quite a bit of TLC so let's talk about bulk plant maintenance. There are a few things that you should check on in your bulk storage plant in order to maintain operational status. I'd grease anything that needs it, check the tension of belts, and lastly, I'd check my emergency shut off valves.

The absolute first thing I'd do when maintaining my bulk plant after such an extended cold season is grease the bobtail filling pumps. Bobtail filling pumps need to be properly greased with a low temperature grease. A low temperature grease will ensure that water won't build up in your bearings. During the heating season you really need to grease them monthly.

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After properly greasing anything that needed it I'd move on to checking belt tension and wear. Remove the belt cover of the pump in order to check the tension. If there is more than 1/2" of play in both directions I would make an adjustment to the tension. The tension of the belts should be about 1/4" in each direction. The tension adjustment bolt is located under the electric motor. These bolts have a tendency to get ignored so I would strongly recommend that they be lubricated with some penetrating oil.


Finally, I'd check my emergency shut off valves (ESVs). It's imperative that they remain operational whether they're controlled by a cable or by pneumatic control. If your valves are controlled by a cable you should check the tension and whether there's any wear or stretch. If wear or stretch is present then the cable should be replaced. If your ESVs are pneumatic then you must check for leaks and whether the system is able to hold a nitrogen charge. Checking for leaks is simple. You do it in much the same way you'd look for a gas leak in a house. Go around and soap up all the connections and then look for bubbles. If bubbles are present then there's a leak. If tightening the fitting doesn't do the trick then it's time to change the fittings on your line.

For more expert advice, feel free to call us here at Tarantin. Our qualified staff will be more than willing to help you maintain your bulk plant.

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