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    Replacing the Seals and Shaft Assembly of a Smith Pump

    Smith Pump

    Smith Pumps started making pumps in 1938! That’s 77 years of experience and engineering of positive displacement pumps for liquids and liquefied gas. They have a proven track record and continue to be a very reliable and economical pump with some great design features such as:


    • The gear set is easy to maintain without disturbing the mechanical shaft.
    • No service ball bearing with no load design.
    • Balanced gear configuration minimizes gear tooth contact.
    • Super seal mechanical shaft seal assembly is built as a kit onto the pump shaft.


    One key design is how easy the job is when replacing the seals and shaft assembly of a Smith Pump by just following these simple steps.


    Step 1. Turn off the power supply.


    Step 2. Remove the pump from the motor by removing the 4 spacer bolts that hold the pump to the motor.


    Step 3. Remove the bearing retainer plate bolts, making sure the shaft coupling is in the twelve o’clock position.


    Step 4. Now you can remove the shaft from the pump.  Make sure that the O-ring has also come out, sometimes it gets left behind.


    Step 5. Clean and inspect the main housing.


    Step 6. With a little grease, put the coupling key in the 12 o’clock position.  Reinstall the shaft assembly back into the pump. It’s going to be a tight fight, but we recommend that you don’t use a hammer to drive it in. Replace the bearing retainer plate.


    Step 7. Reinstall pump to the motor.  Tighten coupling set screw and spin motor making sure it turns freely.


    These 7 simple steps to replace the O-ring or shaft assembly makes it very easy to repair when needed.  Especially when you don’t have to remove the motor. The gear replacement is just as easy.


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