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    Gas Fire Pits and Torches

    Written by Bill Lawson

    With winter just about over it’s time to start thinking about outdoor fire pits, torches, and BBQ grills. When you’re planning on remodeling your yard, think big with little gas appliances that can add a whole new look to your yard. Outdoor wood burning fireplaces and tiki torches are yesterday’s news. Light up your yard with your existing LP gas supply and never worry about cleaning out that fire pit or refilling the torch lights ever again. Installing permanent torches on your deck or in your yard is a simple task and will add a whole new look and value to your yard. Adding a fire pit with an assortment of differently colored glass beads will make your friends jealous

    Summer Night

    If you already have Natural Gas or LP tanks on your property for your heat, hot water, freyer, cooking, etc, then you’re already half way there. Have your current propane company come out and explain how they can run a simple gas line from your existing tanks to a row of new torch lights on your deck or out to a large fire pit. If you have no gas on your property it’s as easy as calling a local propane company and having them loan you an LP tank for any gas appliance you want. A 40,000 BTU propane fireplace can heat about 750 square feet while a 200,000 BTU can heat about 4,700 square feet.

    Fire Pit

    Gas fire pits come in a range of sizes, shapes, and BTU loads (or how big the fire can be). When choosing a fire pit there are a few things you are compelled to consider. You must make sure that your fire pit will be clear from any combustibles. Try to figure out your seating arrangements and how many people will be gathered around your pit. A lot of permanent pits are made from large paver blocks and have matching blocks as seating around the pit. Portable pits usually have an LP tank enclosed under the pit. Please make sure if you choose a portable fire pit you keep any and all flammables away from the unit.

    portable torches

    Yard torches are small tiki torches filled with a fuel to keep bugs away. They can become messy and you have to handle potentially dangerous oils to refill them. By running a small gas line and hooking up a few permanent mount LP gas torches not only would you save yourself from an oily mess, you’d also make your yard the talk of the neighborhood. Torches come as a permanent mount ro as a portable unit with an attached tank.

    No matter what method you choose to light up your yard, just make sure you do it safely and have everything installed properly.Open flames can be dangerous and need to be regarded with caution. Never leave open flames unattended.

    Get outside and enjoy those summer nights by your fire feature.


    Salesman Bill Lawson

    Bill Lawson

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