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Here at Tarantin Industries, we are handling several types of auto gas dispenser systems, from a bare bones type to a dispenser that has all the bells and whistles. Even types that are in between – which keeps all of our customers happy with a year-round gas load.

Our least expensive model utilizes our D-1 cabinet with the Smith 1LZ auto gas pump along with a Liqua Tech 1” meter with temperature compensation. This is a very nice unit for a customer who only has a few propane powered vehicles and only a single phase power source. The Smith Pump with its gear driven positive displacement design can produce up to 130 pounds of pressure differential with a single-phase motor. This helps to keep everyone’s costs down. With all of the auto gas systems, we also recommend the Blue Moon filter to filter out any impurities which could affect the system and is also recommended by auto manufacturers.

When you step up to the more traditional auto gas dispensers, we handle the Gas-Boy/Veeder -Root models which come in several variations. The dispensers for these models come with meters that only display gallons or with meters that display gallons and cost per gallon (which be tied into any existing card reader system). If you do not have a card reader, we can offer two different types of dispensers that read cards. The first one is the Top-Kat Plus which is designed for fleet operations so that the company has a tracking mechanism of each of the vehicles remotely. With the Top Kat Plus dispenser, you can also have multiple companies running off on one unit. This means you could install this unit at your location and have your customers come to you and keep your costs down. The second type of card reader is the Islander Plus which has the ability to read credit cards – it can handle all types of cards and is great for those looking to retail auto gas.

The pumps that I would recommend for any and all of our Gas Boy units is the Corken FF series [ FF-060, 075 and 150]. Each of these has different flow rates to meet your specific auto gas system’s needs. The one we use most often is the FF-075 model with a three-phase 7.5 HP electric motor which can produce over 150 pounds of differential. We also offer a three-phase inverter for those locations with only single phase power. Another added feature we offer is the explosion-proof electronic operated ball valve which can be tied into the E-Stop to shut down the electric and propane with just one button. Please contact us directly if you have any questions regarding an Auto Gas System.

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Pat Shay

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