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    Bulk Processing Set Up

    -Featuring Doug Rowan-

    Tarantin Outside Salesrep, Doug Rowan, takes us on a tour of a bulk processing plant that was newly set up.

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    New bulk plant in Tennessee. Here’s the transport bulkhead with the pneumatic shut down. There’s the two 100% shut off valves. There’s a back check for the liquid coming in to prevent liquid from coming out. The Y strainer, on the vapor you have 1 1/4” ESV, or the pneumatic actuator.

    Coming down the pipeline here, the liquid going in with a 100% shut off valve. Underneath the tank you can see that there are 3 internal valves. One for the liquid going out, and you have the bypass going in the middle, and then the vapor on the very end there.

    Coming out you have flex lines to keep down the vibration. Then another 100% shut off valve going into the Y strainer and then into the pump. You’ll noticed the distance between the strainer and the pump is to keep down on turbulence and creating vapor turbulence in the pump. From there we have the bypass coming out of the top.

    Over on the outlet side, to the bobtail bulkhead, there’s 2 inch ESV for the liquid with the pneumatic actuator. You have the 1 1/4” ESV with the pneumatic actuator going out to the hoses. Fill the bobtail up and then the shut down on the side to turn off the ESV system, and a 100% shut off valves on the bottom of the bulkhead. There’s also the airline tubing in case a bobtail pulls away. It shuts down the air system to shut down the ESV system.


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    Salesperson Doug Rowan

    Doug Rowan

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