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Outside Salesrep, Pat Shay, reviews the inner workings of the D1 Cabinet for filling cylinders and AutoGas

Image of the inside of the D1 AutoGas Kit

Hello everyone. We wanted to show you our D1 Cabinet for filling cylinders and doing AutoGas. This is our Smith AutoGas pump, GC-Series. You have liquid in, liquid out. You have a bypass line going up to the top of the tank. Be sure to set your bypass with every installation. It’s an easy adjustment underneath the cap. You want to develop about 120-130 pounds of differential using the set screw. Then it’s up to the meter to the vapor eliminator, to the measuring chamber, down and out to a hose. From there it goes to our Blue Moon filter. There’s a gauge on top of the Blue Moon filter. When the difference between this gauge and the gauge inside the cabinet gets to be about 30-40 pounds difference it’s time to change your filter. You have a screwable nozzle for AutoGas that locks on.

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Salesperson Pat Shay

Pat Shay

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