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    Many Uses of Propane

    Written by Marketing

    When it comes to propane the first, and sometimes only, use most people think of is “barbecue”.  However, there are so many uses of propane and considering how much cleaner it is to power with we should really consider using it in other aspects of our daily life.  How else can we use propane?  Read on!

    Outside Recreation

    RV, Barbecue, and hot air balloon

    • Pool & Hot Tub Heaters – Propane powered heaters will warm up the water faster than an electric heater and will usually conserve energy.
    • Patio Heaters – raise the temperature 10 to 30 degrees in a 20 foot radius with a patio heater and extend the use time of your backyard patio into early fall.
    • Mobile Home & RV Appliances – Propane is portable so you’ll never need to find an outlet to plug into. All the world is your RV park!
    • Hot Air Balloons – The flame that heats up the air in the balloon is created using propane.

    Home Use


    • Cooktops/Ranges – You won’t have to wait for the burners to heat up like with electrical cooktops and it’s much more cost efficient than the ever fluctuating price of oil.
    • Clothes Dryers – Propane dryers reach drying temperatures faster than electric which will cut drying time in half. The heat from propane is moist too so it is less likely to discolor clothes.
    • Water Heaters – Propane water heaters are sturdier and will last longer than other water heaters. With tankless propane water heater will heat water instantaneously so you won’t have heated water sitting in a tank waiting to be used which can add to your energy bill.
    • Furnace – Propane creates warmer air than electrical. In fact, electrical furnaces produce a heat that is lower than your body temperature.  Propane heats air to 120 degrees which means the furnace will run for a shorter time, reducing energy costs.
    • Fireplaces – Flip a switch on a propane fireplace and voila! Instant fire. Plus they are much easier to maintain and clean (no ash remnants from burnt wood).

    In Business Both Government and Private

    School Bus

    • Grain Dryers – Using a propane grain dryer on the farm will create a very precise heat which ensures that the grain dries evenly, producing a high quality yield.
    • Flame Weed Control – This is a much more environmentally friendly alternative to using herbicides.
    • Lawn Mowers – Since propane costs less per gallon than gas, and creates lower emissions than gas, it is a cost efficient and environmentally friendly alternative.
    • Fleet Vehicles – School & city buses, taxi-cabs, police cruisers, and construction trucks. People across the country are discovering the cost-cutting benefits of converting their fleet to propane powered vehicles while lowering their carbon-footprint.  Propane keeps their vehicles EPA approved more so than a diesel powered vehicle can.  It makes for a quieter vehicle too!

    Lower in cost, environmentally friendly, and with so many uses, propane is quickly becoming the alternative fuel of choice.  With 90% of it being produced in the United States it is also the most economy friendly choice.


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