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Maxitrol Regulators

Most of us are aware of the standard first and second stage regulator systems that have been in the propane industry for years. These systems typically include a first stage regulator at the tank, dropping the pressure down to 10 PSI, and then another regulator at the building to drop it down to an operating pressure of 11 inches water column. This is also achieved with a twin-stage regulator that basically does the job of the first and second stage regulators.

Using 11 inches water column requires the right pipe sizing to carry the proper amount of BTUs to each appliance. As homes add appliances, the size of the piping inside the homes must also increase. Normally, this would require threading and assembling large black iron pipe and fittings which can be quite time consuming and not very cost effective. With the constant growth of propane use and increased home installations of propane appliances there is a real need for high pressure gas systems. That’s where Maxitrol regulators come into play.

Maxitrol offers a wide range of 2 PSI regulators and as such, we can deliver higher gas pressure into the building with much smaller pipe.

Pipe Regulator Size

To do so requires installing a RegO 2 PSI twin or second stage regulator outside the building and Maxitrol regulators inside the building.

Maxitrol regulators can either be installed at every appliance or by building a manifold with one regulator to handle the entire house. This varies depending on each situation and where the propane appliances are located. If there are only a couple of appliances, individual Maxitrol regulators may be the way to go. With multiple appliances, this would really depend on the layout of the home and the distances to each appliance.

Vent Limiters

Due to the fact that Maxitrol regulators can be used inside the home, vent limiters are a requirement. Vent limiters eliminate the need to run vent piping to the outside. In the event of a diaphragm rupture, the release of gas is limited to within proper standards and requirements. Vent limiters must always be installed in the upright position to ensure proper operation of the ball check inside.

Vent Protectors

Vent limiters are not necessary when Maxitrol regulators are used outdoors although a vent protector must be used to keep debris from getting into the vent opening.

There are several applications where Maxitrol regulators can be used more efficiently and cost effectively than traditional systems. Consider this when you’re sizing up your next job and give us a call. We’re sure you’ll love your Maxitrol regulators.

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