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    Multiport Device Suggested Maintenance Guide

    Per Rego Field Topics

    MultiPort® Pressure Relief Valve Manifold Assemblies are designed for continuous, uninterrupted service on pressurized storage containers with flanged openings. Since these MultiPort® Manifold Assemblies are exposed to the environment, regular inspections and maintenance are required. The following suggested schedule will help to keep the MultiPort® in operating condition.

    Labeled Multivalve.

    • Suggested maintenance schedule for MultiPort® Pressure Relief Valve Manifolds
    • Time periods were based on ideal conditions. Actual time periods may need to be reduced depending on the environment
    Failure to properly inspect and maintain relief valves manifolds and relief valves could result in personal injury and property damage.
    Daily 6 Months 1 Year 10 Year
    1. Verify pipe away stacks are intact with rain caps secured and in position on top of each relief valve. X      
    2. Verify weep hole deflectors are open and clean. Deflector openings should be pointing upwards on each relief valve.   X    
    3. With all four relief valves in service – cycle the manifold positioning handwheel to turn the Manifold Shut-Off Disc one full revolution. Lubricate both the miter gears and handwheel stem guide with machine oil.

    Following this maintenance, the handwheel should be returned to a normal operating position – the arrow on the body should be midway between any two (2) adjacent numbers on the handwheel.
    4. With all four relief valves in service – verify each bleeder valve can be opened and resealed leak tight.

    Cycle the bleeder thumbscrews and check for smooth operation. After cycling, turn the bleeder valve thumbscrew counterclockwise until fully backseated – the position for normal operation.
    5. Inspect the entire manifold and flanged manifold connection for leaks using a non-corrosive leak detection solution. If leaks are detected, correct immediately.   X    
    6. Inspect the MultiPort® for signs of corrosion. If detected – remove the corrosion, clean, and repaint. Avoid painting over any of the informational labels that are secured to the manifold body.     X  
    7. Remove and replace the individual relief valves as outlined in the installation and operation Instructions.       X
    • Repair Kit # 8560-50 contains the required parts to overhaul and rebuild these manifolds.
    • For additional information, consult Catalog L-500 and Warning Bulletin 8545-500 on Pressure Relief Valves.

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