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Frank Erickson walks us through the new compact RegO Regulator.

Video transcription

Image of Frank showing the compact regulator.

Today we will be discussing the new compact 2nd stage RegO Regulator. This is the LV3403BR Series. It comes in ¾" outlet and either ½" inlet or ¾" inlet. It also has two ports here for you to do your safety test. One on the low pressure side and one on the high pressure side coming in. This regulator is good for 450,000 BTU’s.

This regulator is a compact version of our LV4403 Series which is good for 550,000 BTU’s. Also available in a ¾" outlet, and either ½ or ¾" inlet. You also have your testing port up here for your low pressure testing. Both regulators are available at Tarantin Industries. Give us a call and we’ll have everything put together for you.

Order the Compact RegO ½" x ¾" Regulator online.

Order the Compact RegO ½" x ½" Regulator online.


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Salesperson Frank Erickson

Frank Erickson

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