Are you looking for a way to get some more visibility for your company? Start thinking big. Start to think about pump station kits. Nothing stands out more at any location than a pump station with your company logo emblazoned across the side. Why not make it easy with a pump station kit? Plus, those extra summer gallons are a nice little perk.

Filling Pump Station

I know, I know, you’re saying to yourself, “yeah, but building a pump station takes time that I don’t have.” Well, we here at Tarantin Industries can and will provide you with pre-assembled pump station kits. Pre-assembled pump station kits certainly cut the time it takes to set up a pump station leaving you plenty of time to enjoy this summer weather. There are generally two pump station kits to choose from. The first is the D2A. The D2A comes with a separate scale and room in the cabinet to store it. This makes the D2A’s cabinet bigger than your other option, the D1 pump station kit. The D1 has a smaller cabinet because it does not include a scale. We here at Tarantin know that security can be a concern so we built our pump station kits out of sturdy diamond plate aluminum with lockable cabinet doors.

Pre-Assembled Pump Station

The exact components that go into our kits are as follows.

  • Tank stands
  • Corken C12 pump with switch OR Smith Pump
  • Bypass valve
  • Liqua-tech meter
  • Scale (D2A kit only)
  • Piping kit
    • 1 1/4" internal valve
    • Hydrostatic relief valve
    • 3/4" angle valve
    • 3/4" excess flow valve
    • Y strainer
    • Flex connector
    • Forged steel fittings
    • Schedule 80 nipples
    • 3/4" breakaway coupling

The pump station kits arrive assembled and completely ready to be connected to the proper size tank. Whether you use a new or used bottom draw tank, you should make sure that there’s no heavy ends that may clog it up. The final assembly will require piping between the tank and the pumpstation, electrical terminations, and tank rails.

Go ahead and make it easy on yourself. Start off with a complete cabinet that’s ready to be connected to a tank.