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    Rego's LP-Gas Regulator Installation and Service Tip

    This field topic is designed to help with the proper installation and service of LP-Gas Regulators in accordance with NFPA 58 2020. Proper installation and maintenance will ensure maximum service life. The recommended service life of all RegO regulators manufactured after 1995 is 25 years except single-stage regulators. Single-stage regulators carry a 15-year recommended service life. Per NFPA 58 Single stage regulators are not permitted to be installed on fixed piping systems after June 30, 1997. For any system installed prior to this date, the regulator would be beyond the 15-year recommended service life, and replacement should be made with a twin-stage regulator or a two-stage system.

    Regulator Installation Tips

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    • Ensure your inlet nozzle is tightened securely into the body. When installing a new regulator use two wrenches to ensure the inlet nozzle does not loosen.
    • Install a new pigtail or hogtail when installing a new regulator.
    • Do not use excess pipe sealant, as it can move downstream and affect regulator performance.
    • Install Second Stage Regulators 12-18” off the ground and/or above snow accumulation.
    • When regulators are not installed under a protective cover or tank lid, install with the vent pointed vertically downwards. This would apply even when remote venting a system.
    • If seasonal temperatures periodically reach -20 F, or colder the first stage regulator should not be set higher than 10 PSIG. If they reach -35 F, or colder the setting should not be higher than 5 PSIG.
    • Regulators must be vented at least 5 feet from the relief discharge to any source of ignition, or mechanical air intake, and 3 feet minimum from any building opening.
    • When installing a regulator at a container connection, ensure the regulator is placed above the container connection to ensure any liquid droplets fall back into the container.
    • When installing regulators at an underground container connection, ensure the regulator is placed above the highest probable water level. In some cases, venting to the top of the container may be necessary to ensure the bonnet cap is tight and the vent screen is used at the outlet connection of the pipe away.
    • When installing a 597 or 1580 series high-pressure regulator, a 3139 series pressure relief valve is required to provide over pressure protection downstream of the regulator outlet. The plug ports are only for use with a pressure gauge.

    Regulator Service Tips

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    • Check the regulator vent for obstructions and properly sized. Any vent piping must be equal to or greater than the vent outlet.
    • Make sure the vent screen and suppressor are in place and in good working condition.
    • Ensure the inlet nozzle is properly tightened.
    • For high lock-up or creep, check the inlet nozzle and seat disc for debris. Clean or replace the inlet nozzle and seat disc reinstall and recheck your lock-up. Inspect your inlet gas line if debris is found replacement of pigtails and piping may be necessary.
    • When available use a Presto-Tap® gauge for leak checks and gauge purposes. This will help to prevent debris from traveling into the inlet by moving the pigtail to add a gauge.
    • Make sure the regulator is properly selected for the BTU load and system demand. Reference should be made to the Performance Curve Selector on the RegO APP.
    • Replace any regulator that has been submerged under water.

    Should you have any questions or concern, please contact Cody Reeves Technical Services Manager for Rego.
    Phone: 336.446.7292
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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