-Featuring Doug Rowan-

Doug Rowan shows and explains how propane looks and reacts while in use and not in use.

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Two pictures. One of Doug with see through propane container and one of rolling bubbles in the container.

What we have here today is a tool that we use in some of our training seminars that we do. It’s able to show you what liquid propane looks like inside your tank. You can see the small bubbles here with the pilot on. That’s building off to keep pressure in your tank. When I cut on the main burner you can see how rapidly the bubbles increase and that’s to increase the pressure in your tank. When the burner is on, of course the pressure goes away so it decreases, and when it’s boiling off faster it increases the pressure. Most of you have never seen what liquid propane looks like inside your tank and this is what it looks like.



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Salesperson Doug Rowan

Doug Rowan

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