Written by Steve Welch

As winter lingers, let us make sure that we take the necessary precautions to keep our employees safe. Slipping and falling can be a frequent cause of injury for anyone working outside in the cold. For this reason it is important that your technicians and drivers are equipped with a sturdy pair of ice cleats and a pair of gloves to help them in the wintery conditions. Personally, I like to give each of my drivers a check list that they can carry with them so they can make sure they have the proper equipment.

Ice Cleats

For safety’s sake every delivery truck should have gloves, spare O-rings, hose end valve adapters, a flashlight, wheel caulks, an assortment of non-sparking tools, and a leak detector and test equipment to ensure piping systems are leak free. That’s just my list however. I’m sure it’ll vary from person to person, company to company, and job to job. Leave a comment with your list.

For leak detection I really like the quickly growing line of Presto-Tap products. The Presto-Tap Pressure Tap allows quick and easy access for system leak testing with up to 90% less emissions and a significant savings on cost. The entire line allows for system testing without having to interrupt service. Take a look at their pigtail pressure fittings as well as their full line of gauges.

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In addition to your delivery truck kits, every company should have at least one emergency response kit and every employee should be made aware of its location. That way, should the occasion arise, everyone will know where the kit is and can respond to the situation accordingly. The heavy and continued snow fall that we’ve been experiencing can easily hide your underground tanks as well. Hidden tanks plus snow plows could mean an increased rate in accidents. Safety should be on everyone’s mind.

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