Safety cart and tank

Within our industry there are many types of cylinder movers and safety carts:

  • The basic but popular 2 Wheel Hand-truck for 20 - 420 lbs. cylinders used in our everyday service.
  • The motor fuel business Scoop Type that allow multiple cylinders to be moved at one time.
  • The 3 Wheel Manual Carts and Motorized Carts with straps that allow us to move full cylinders in a safe, convenient way.

In the past I used both the 3 Wheel and the Motorized Carts and I can tell you that it’s a nice luxury to have the motorized cart for sure because they cut down on injuries and accidents.  However, there is the price factor to consider.

If moving a larger horizontal AG/UG tank without a boom a brindle type mover can be helpful.  Most brindles are “old school” that are trailered behind a truck and need more space to maneuver.  However, there are newer brindles that come with a remote that makes it easy for one man to operate.

Renaldo Manual Dolly for 420 pound tanks.

If you need to move a larger tank, Renaldo’s RTC420M Manual Tank Dolly can be a good option. One person can quickly pin the Renaldo Dolly to a 420 lb. tank and then easily roll it through gates and narrow access areas. The operator's weight is utilized to provide the downward force to lift tanks. Downward pressure on the Renaldo handle is ergonomically much easier on the back, arms, fingers, etc. as opposed to when personnel attempt to scoot, lift, scrape, drag, roll or otherwise manipulate or move tanks without the Renaldo dolly.

The most important factor when choosing a cart is safety.  All the carts should be OSHA approved.  We should always make sure our footing is steady and we should always plan ahead for any obstacle or uneven ground.


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