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    Tank Being Towed in the South Carolina Flood - Bobby Fisher

    -Featuring Bobby Fisher-

    Outside Salesman Bobby Fisher gives helpful tips when removing propane tanks during a flood with a video of a 250 pound tank being towed through flood waters.

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    Image of a 250 gallon tank being towed through the South Carolina flood

    This video is of a 250-gallon propane tank being retrieved from the Black River of the recent South Carolina floods. This was a week-long task of removing tanks in a flooded area. Video is provided by H & S Oil Company in Andrews, South Carolina. Bill Hemingway provided a statement of events. In his statement, Bill indicated some of the things you need to do if you’re ever in a flooded situation.

    Before trying to remove a propane tank please contact your local emergency agency to get permission.

    The agency concerned with looters and damage caused by the wake waters of boats. They will ask you to leave the area. Permission is time-saving and essential.

    Be careful when rotating tanks that are emerged in floodwaters.

    In this case, the tank had been leaking but equalized in water pressure. When rolled it started spewing propane.

    Also, Bill indicated as far as equipment left in flood zones like regulators, heating and air systems, and ductwork, please make sure they have been changed if they have been subject to water.


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    Bobby Fisher

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