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    RegO Field Advisory - L7579

    Updated February 20, 2017

    RegO Field Advisory

    L7579 1-3/4” X 1-1/4” MNPT Filler Valve Date Codes 8B16 to 1C17

    L7579 Repair and Replacement Policy

    Per RegO:

    L7579 Filler Valve

    Some weeks have passed since we first received the reports of potential problems with the affected Filler Valves. During that time, we have been in contact with tank manufacturers and marketers alike and conducting internal testing to stay on top of the issue and to further gauge the actual scope of the problem. We are glad to be able to report that in the intervening weeks we have not received any reports of widespread problems with the Filler Valves and it appears the total number of valves that might be affected is only a very small percentage of the overall number of those covered by the Field Advisory issued on February 3rd.

    In hindsight, which is always 20/20, RegO perhaps did not need to move so decisively to address these problems and create the resulting uncertainties. We apologize for any and all inconveniences. But our actions were driven by our concern for the safety of all of those who use our products and we can never regret pursuing safety first. We have revised the field advisory actions that should be taken, which does not require repair or replacement of valves installed in containers.


    We recently received reports where delivery personnel had difficulty disconnecting from the L7579 filler valve installed on ASME containers after the filling process has been completed. We have determined that the seat disc on the upper check may not fully return to the closed position due to interference with the guide in the upper body. This interference can create a leak in the upper check area making it potentially difficult to disconnect from the filler valve. If the hose end valve is disconnected while the L7579 filler valve covered by this advisory is in this condition, a leak to the atmosphere can occur creating a fire hazard.


    L7579 Showing Upper Check Open

    L7579 Filler Valve

    L7579 Showing Upper Check Closed

    L7579 Filler Valve

    Where L7579 Filler Valve is Used:

    The L7579 Filler Valve covered by this Field Advisory has been installed on 420# DOT and ASME cylinders and ASME horizontal containers from 120 to 1,000 gallons W.C.; this includes both new and reconditioned containers.

    How to Identify L7579 Filler Valves Which May Encounter an Issue:

    The dates of manufacture of the valves covered by this field advisory are August second week 2016 (8B16) to January third week 2017 (1C17).

    Image below gives instructions on how to read the Date Code Identification.

    Reading the date code identification

    Actions to take:

    1. We advise that you use a 3179 Filler Valve Adapter whenever you fill through an affected L7579 fill valve with date codes of 8B16 to 1C17, which is consistent with best industry practices for safety during every fill operation. If for some reason you did not use a 3179B fill adapter and have an issue disconnecting from any fill operation, please exercise extreme caution and follow your company procedures to prevent an accident.
    2. Return any uninstalled valves covered by the field advisory to RegO immediately as a precaution.
    3. If you need RegO 3179B filling adapters we are willing to provide you a reasonable supply at no charge. Please contact RegO or an Authorized RegO Distributor to request adapters.
    4. There is no need to repair or replace any valves installed on tanks unless you experience a failure—contact RegO immediately for instructions should you experience a failure of the affected filler valve.

    L7579 Filler Valve with 3179B installed.

    Additional Information:

    L7579 Filler Valves made before 8B16 and after 1C17 dates of manufacture are not part of this advisory and are not affected. When filling into any 1-3/4” ACME filler valve not affected by this advisory, you should follow your company’s established filling procedures.

    It is a best practice to use filler hose adapters like the 3179B when conducting any filling operation into a 1-3/4” ACME filler valve. When a filler hose adapter is attached to the hose end valve connection during the filling process and there is a problem disconnecting due to leakage through the upper check, the 3179B or other type filler hose adapters can remain on the subject filler valve. This will allow the delivery person to safely disconnect the hose end valve from the filler hose adapter which will remain connected to the subject filler valve leak free.

    If you have any questions about this advisory please contact:

    Bennett Allred
    Direct: 336-446-7230
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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