Bill Lawson talking to Suburban techs about the Ventur-evac

New Tank Evacuation Product

We recently tested the NEW Ventur-Evac and Ventur-Evac Hose Kit at the Suburban Propane yard in Howell, NJ (thanks again guys for letting us use your bobtail and tank). Since this product would replace the compressor during a tank evacuation we wanted to see how it compared to using a compressor.

How did the test go? Well, the quick answer is we loved it. This product was definitely designed for the propane industry by propane people.

Ventur-evac in use.

The Test

During the test we were able to pump 200 gallons of propane from a 500 gallon AG tank to a 3000 gallon bobtail in about 18 minutes. We were happy to see that it pumped out as fast as compressor (if not faster), but the thing we liked the most was how fast and easy the hook up was with only one ½” hose and one ¾” hose along with the 7 LB Ventur-Evac needed to get the job done, and it was ready to go in minutes. In comparison, a compressor weighs 70 lbs and requires 3 hoses and needs about 20 minutes to set up.

Tank being pumped out.

It Saves Money

Another plus for the Ventur-Evac is how it will reduce labor costs. There is no maintenance to worry about. There’s no need to check oil levels, belts or pulleys, because there aren’t any! Being only 7 lbs it’s highly portable and will easily fit into your truck’s mounted tool box. No more scheduling tank evacuations or overfill corrections, the delivery driver can do it right then and there. Since it’s so lightweight only one person is needed to do the pump out.


Tank being pumped out in the foreground with the pumping bobtail truck in background.

Highlights of the Ventur-Evac

  • Reduce Labor Costs: Tank evacuations can be performed by your delivery drivers while they are on their routes.
  • Immediately remedy tank overfills: No more calling back to the shop to dispatch service personnel for costly pump outs or flare offs.
  • Easily fix stuck backcheck valves: Closing one ball valve reverses the flow of liquid, immediately unseating the backcheck valve.
  • Efficiency and Cost: One person, one truck operation reduces labor costs during tank evacuation
  • Safe to operate: Eliminates the ignition hazard created by an engine driven compressor.
  • Reliability: The absence of moving parts increases longevity over other evacuators on the market.

Below are 2 videos from Jetmark that show hook up and operation.


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