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    Why Rego?

    Rego logo and regulators.

    Rego. We all know the name, but why should you choose REGO® for your job?

    Quality and Innovation

    Did you know that RegO® Innovated

    • The Pancake Style design common in most regulators
    • The first twin stage and 2 lb twin stage regulator
    • The first back mounting regulators
    • The first to incorporate integrated relief
    • The first ¾" outlet compact back mount
    • And repairable and/or replaceable seats that can be easily accessed by service personnel

    Each of these innovations were copied by other companies.

    Backed Up By the Best People in the Industry

    The RegO® line was created in 1923 near the start of the LP-Gas industry. At that time RegO® Product Engineers worked with LP-Gas marketers to create a line of propane valves and regulators to meet the needs of the industry. RegO® has been there working hand and hand with the LP-Gas industry from the very beginning and they're still here, still innovating almost 100 years later.

    Excellent Service

    You can move a Rego regulator from one customer set up to another customer set up. RegO® regulators can be use in temporary installations like construction heating, or grills and they work great for seasonal uses, such as cabins, where the gas is off for long periods of time or with a generator when power outage occurs.

    10 Year Warranty

    The best in the industry. RegO's® facilities have a test laboratory with a working tank farm and high pressure lines. All products, including their regulators, are tested on site for 100% reliable performance.

    25 Year Service Life

    RegO® regulators have a 25 year service life. This is based on millions of installations since 1908. That history and that number of installations is what makes RegO® the market leader.

    Made in the U.S.A.

    The RegO® line of products are manufactured in four plants in North Carolina. Only the highest quality materials go into all RegO® Products. The machining operation utilizes robotics, CNC machining, and computer integrated manufacturing to achieve exacting standards.

    We Have RegO® Regulators In-House Our six warehouses are always fully stocked with RegO® regulators and they're ready to ship. It only takes 1 to 2 days to go from any of our warehouses to your office. See our full line of RegO® Regulators.

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    Address: 86 Vanderveer Road
    Freehold, NJ 07728

    Phone: 1 800.922.0724

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