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    Bobtail Propane Delivery Truck Maintenance

    Written by Pat Shay

    Bobtail Propane Delivery Truck

    We all put our Bobtail Delivery Trucks through the paces.  Between driving them on all sorts of unpaved, or barely paved, terrain and in all types of weather it’s no surprise that they need regular maintenance. Follow this Bobtail Propane Delivery Truck Maintenance schedule to keep your Bobtail running all year round.

    Pump and PTO Shafts – The pump and PTO shafts should be greased every 30 days.  Look for wear and tear on the PTO universal joint and have them repaired before they come apart in the field. You should have a pressure gauge in the piping system to indicate what kind of differential pressure your pump is creating.  Most bobtail pumps will create about 90 to 100 pounds. If you are not getting that kind of differential to check your bypass setting.  It could be a sign of wear on the pump and it might need some TLC soon.

    Strainer - Check your meter, if you find that it is moving slowly you could have low flow through the piping system.  If this is the case, it might mean the strainer needs attention. Before removing the strainer be sure to release the pressure from both sides of the meter or you can give yourself a nasty freezer burn.  Now you can remove the strainer.  Access to the strainer is on the left side of the meter behind a four-bolt flange.

    Flex Lines – Check the date code on them.  If the date shows that the lines are coming up in 10 years then change them.

    Hose Reels – These have a tendency to be a challenge on some trucks.  Look for sharp edges around the reel and check to see if the bearings are getting loose.  Most importantly, make sure it is getting oiled once a month.

    Inspections - Make sure all of the inspections, such as the hydro and the VK, are in date.

    The Bobtail is the life-blood of any propane delivery business.  Keeping ahead of your Bobtail’s regular maintenance can save you money in the end because if the truck isn’t delivering, you’re losing money.


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