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We have all been victims of bad service, and most of us will not return to businesses that have poor service. Bad service knows no bounds, poor phone systems, long holding times, being bounced around like a hot potato trying to get to the appropriate person. Bad service is also rampant in the brick and mortar businesses such as restaurants and consumer goods retailers. I personally see it almost every day as a traveling rep, and I have a growing list of hotels and restaurants that I will never visit again.

We all know the old adage that an unhappy customer will tell at least ten people of their bad experience, and a happy customer may mention a positive experience to three people. I understand that places like fast food have vast employee turnover, but I don't feel that should be an excuse to not adequately train all employees in the basics of good service.

Below are a few simple and learnable traits that are often missing in today’s retail environment:

  1. Smiling staff
  2. Making eye contact with customers
  3. Focusing on the customer and their needs (too much chatter with fellow employees!)
  4. Acknowledging the customer as they enter the store
  5. Thanking each customer for choosing to spend their money at your store
  6. Handling problems or mistakes quickly
  7. Avoiding the use of the word NO

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There are a few simple things that managers and owners can do to ensure proper and consistent customer service. Having a clear and simple training manual is a good way to impart good behavior and goals for your business. Once the manual is in place, put in place a training program and schedule so all employees can be prepared. The emphasis for this training is to establish good habits and standards that all staff should be held to ensuring consistency in service.

Additional information can be found at: BusinessTrainingWorks.com

Happy Retailing!


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