Man mowing a lawn with a commercial mower

As we head into the dog days of summer let’s take a look at why you should consider a propane powered lawn mower.

Propane cost about a 1/3 less than gas.

Plus there are all sorts of money saving grants, rebates, and incentive programs from the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC). That’s savings on top of the savings.

Maintaining and repairing a propane mow takes less time.

Propane is a cooler running fuel. Your engine won’t see the extreme temperatures like a gas powered mower which leads to reduction in operating costs.

Propane engines are also free of carbon build-up so the propane engine will usually last about 25 percent longer than a gasoline powered mower.

Propane is easy to store and easy to handle.

Unlike gasoline, propane is contained in the tank. Refueling a propane powered mower is as easy as disconnecting one tank and connecting another. There’s no chance of spilling and no fuss, no muss.

Find an equipment dealer with PERC’s locator.

Row of propane tanks for mowers.

Propane Mower Cylinders


Cylinders available for horizontal or vertical service, depending on application. Collar painted green for product differentiation

Standard fittings include:

  • Safety Relief
  • Float Gauge
  • Fixed Liquid Level
  • Vapor Service
  • ACME Fill Valves

Lawn Mower Cylinders

Part Number Description Type Water Capacity Length Height Diameter Tare-Weight
9367 33.5 lb Cylinder Aluminum 80 gal 22.4" 28.3" 12" 25 lb
9368 43.5 lb cylinder Aluminum 104 gal 22.8" 34.4" 12" 26 lb
5456TC.3 20 lb Cylinder Steel 4.76 gal 13.6" 19" 12" 27 lb

Forklift & Mower Connectors

These brass connectors are specially designed to join the carburetor fuel line to the service valve on lift truck cylinders.


Part Number Description
V21502 Left Handed Male Connector
V21503 Left Handed Female Connector
7141M-3R RegO Outer Flat Washer
MSW-4 Outer Flat Washer
2114A Inner O-Ring

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