1. Bearings: Weight of spool and hose is supported by bearings.
    1. Back Bearing
    2. Front Bearing
  2. Disc: Rolled edges prevent hose damage and add rigidity to disc. Additional strength is provided by a concentric rib.
  3. Drum: Roll formed steel with full-length weld.
  4. Tie Rods join discs and drum to form spool. Reinforced with pipe spacers for rigidity and strength.
  5. Chain and Sprocket Drive: Provides smooth positive rewinding on powered reels.
  6. Rewind Motor: Electric rewind motor is shown. Compressed air or hydraulic motors can be used.
  7. Hub Assembly: Includes the fluid hub, the outlet riser and the reel axle. Fluid passes from the swivel joint inlet through the hub assembly, to the hose.
    1. Outlet Riser: Contoured to match the curve of the reel drum so hose will wrap smoothly.
    2. Fluid hub
  8. Swivel Joint Inlet: Permits reel to rotate freely while connected to the fluid source. Joint is not used as a bearing. Straight or 90 degree swivel joints are available for most models. (Flexible connector must be used between swivel joint and inlet piping or warranty will be void.)
  9. Brake/Rewind Assembly: Bevel gear rewind has an adjustable tension brake. Rewind and braking device vary with different models.
  10. Front Frame
  11. Back Frame
  12. Front Foot
  13. Back Foot

Numbered Hannay Hose drawing.


General Specifications of Hannay Hose Reels

Construction: Frames, discs and drum are fabricated of heavy gauge steel. Bearings are self aligning. Malleable iron and steel are used for hose reel hub assembly, outlet riser and swivel joints. Stainless steel, aluminum, bronze and other alloys, and special swivel joint packing, can be supplied to meet special requirements.

Finish: Standard finish is oven cured enamel. Finishes other than standard, such as special primers, polished aluminum, unpolished stainless steel and hot dipped galvanized may be specified at extra cost.

Temperatures & Pressures: Standard reel construction will handle most liquids or gases at temperatures ranging from -20 degrees to +400 degrees F (-29 degrees to +204 degrees C). Operating pressures available up to 10,000 psi (695 BAR) depending on the specific reel series. These operating pressures and temperatures are shown on descriptive ages in each product catalog. Reels to operate at pressures and temperatures other than standard are available at extra cost.

Shipping: Reels are shipped completely assembled, ready to install. Installation instructions are supplied with each reel.


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