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EZTC206 Tank Dolly

Current vehicles and support equipment need to be lighter, compact and more efficient. The EZTC206 ASME Tank Dolly provides a safe and efficient platform from which to deliver any size residential propane storage tank. There are three main components of the EZTC206, the power unit and two detachable wheel jacks. The operator, under power, approaches the tank and positions the forks under one end and then secures the 3” nylon strap to the tank, making sure to position the strap under the fork assembly when wrapping it around. Then, ratchet everything together.

The EZTC206 Tank Dolly holding a large tank

Next, remove the two dolly wheels from the power unit and place them at the other end of the tank. Secure the straps in a similar manner and then, using the hand cranks, begin to raise the tank off the ground. The power unit features a hydraulically controlled fork assembly that raises and lowers the tank according to your ground conditions.

The EZTC206 is ideal for use with a utility trailer. Renaldo manufactures a trailer that is perfectly suited for use with ASME tanks up to 1000 gallons, along with the tank dolly. It’s designed so we can simply drive the tank on and off the trailer, eliminating the need for expensive, dedicated crane trucks. The whole purpose of this dolly is not to tear up the customer’s yard when installing and removing the storage tanks. It also makes this job a safe and efficient one man operation because the tank is never more than 18 inches off the ground.


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