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We have the best Sales Reps in the business who go above and beyond for our customers. Read their stories.

Sales Rep Don Nichols

Don Nichols

Don received a call last week from a customer concerning a fill station that they were having issues with. The motor of the station was kicking out on overload. Don and the customer scheduled a time to meet and check it out. Turns out that the bypass was not set properly and was adjusted out to its max.


Sales Rep Bobby Fisher

Bobby Fisher

A customer called Bobby about an issue he was having with an outdoor fireplace. The controls had melted. Bobby met with their service tech at the location where the outdoor unit was. Bobby immediately saw what the problem was, there were glass doors installed. Bobby showed the service tech the data tag that gives the warning "Do Not Use While Glass Doors Are Closed."

A customer asked Bobby to stop in and take a look at a compressor. It was slamming shut the excess flow. He was told that the RegO excess flow on internal valves give a lot of trouble and that he have purchased a competing brand. Bobby explained that a spring set at a determined pressure was the same on RegO and the competing brand. Then Bobby noticed that the liquid trap did not let anything out when he opened it. Bobby showed the customer some things to check, and sent the customer an owner's manual for the compressor.

A customer was having issues with a bypass. Bobby found out that the customer installed a B166 when they should have installed a B177, and that the piping had been welded. Bobby stayed on the phone for a while to help the customer troubleshoot the problem and giving ideas on how to fix it.


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