Per Jetmark, LLC Press Release

Jetmark LLC, announces that the Ventur-Evac is now listed!

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 58 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code states the provisions of this code reflect a consensous of what it necessary to provide an acceptable degree of protection from the hazards addressed in this code.

NFPA 58 encourages manufacturers of equipment utilized in the LP-Gas industry to be evaluated, tested, listed by an independent laboratory that conducts fair, objective testing and certifies equipment if all required standards are met.

Simply stated, equipment used in LP-Gas industry industry should be designed, manufacturerd, and perform, as well as provide an acceptable degree of safety when used.

Ventur-Evac tested sticker.

The Jetmark LLC, Ventur-Evac has been tested and listed by Intertek 5005555 and conforms to Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) Subject 119.

Users can be assured that the Jetmark LLC, Ventur-Evac has been designed and is manufactured to perform as intended and provide an acceptable degree of protection against the hazards associated with its use when evacuating propane storage containers.

Always follow applicable codes, manufacturer’s instructions, and your company procedures when using this product.


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