Mantis Mantle with the Empire logo

Empire is discontinuing its line of Mantis Fireplaces and Inserts effective March 1, 2017. With its advanced technology, the Mantis was ahead of its time. Slow sales, thanks in part to low energy prices and a relatively high list price, have hampered sales of this super-efficient fireplace.

Empire will cease production of Mantis models as of January 27; the last date to order is January 13, 2017.

Empire will continue to support the Mantis line with accessories until March 1, 2018.


Mantis Fireplace and Insert Models:

  • BF28BM(N/P)
  • BI28BM(N/P)
  • BP28BM(N/P)
  • FF28BM(N/P)
  • FG28BM(N/P)
  • FI28BM(N/P)
  • IG28BM(N/P)

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